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How Delivery Management Software Can Help Your Business Operations


Customers nowadays want a robust delivery system platform. They want feedback forms, deliveries powered by real-time information, instant notifications and alerts, emailers with regular updates, and so on.

A delivery management software, or DMS, is a digital tool that is used for scheduling, planning, optimizing, managing, and executing the growingly complicated dispatch activities. Last mile delivery software is capable of refining the delivery operations of all types of organizations, no matter their industry, scale, or size. A delivery management system comes with features like a customer support system, reverse logistics, scheduling and dispatching, and route optimization.

Even though this industry has gradually developed over the years, the progress in the last year has been groundbreaking, and it was a result of the emergence of the pandemic. Every business today needs on demand delivery management to enable higher customer engagement and enhanced operational management.

So, even if you’re not a large business, but you still had loads of things to manage in one day; from dispatch to scheduling, there isn’t a thing that will help you more than last mile delivery technology.

Benefits of Using on Demand Delivery Software

Following are a few benefits that come with using delivery management software.

Route Optimization

The DMS picks the most efficient and fastest routes for its delivery agents. The best routes are decided based on different factors, such as the drive’s availability, location proximity, and traffic conditions. This feature helps businesses make deliveries in less time and smartly, which in the end helps the business meet its end goals.

Real-Time Tracking

It can be quite difficult to monitor where your delivery agents are and, based on their location and availability, give them directions. This task doubles the resources, cost, and time if it’s done manually. However, with a DMS, you can quickly and easily get accurate and real-time information about your drivers.

Automation and Streamlining

Businesses can scale if they have efficient and faster operations. DMS helps businesses do this by cutting down the number of steps in the delivery process by automating the operations, including warehouse management, dispatching, and automated scheduling. This eradicates the need for thousands of phone calls and hours of manual activities. The whole process is streamlined and fastened.

Insightful Business Analytics

For your business to grow, it is critical that you gain business insights to see the performance of your business. A DMS is equipped with analytics tools that will help you make well-informed decisions by providing you with insights.

Timely and Cost-Efficient Deliveries

The need for manual entries will be long gone after you automate your tasks. Using a delivery management platform will save you both resources and time and will reduce the operational costs of running your business. Besides doing this, it will also eliminate the risk of discrepancies and errors. You will surely achieve the goals of your organization faster and make a good profit with an efficient DMS.

Management of Drivers

As your team of drivers expands, it is crucial that managers and dispatchers are able to monitor and manage each team member as efficiently as possible. Asking your drivers to periodically check-in or calling them can lead to delivery delays since the process is time-consuming for both your drivers and dispatchers, and managers.

Reduction of Fuel Costs

In correlation with the points we mentioned above, we want to point out that using the most efficient and short route to deliver an order will not only save you time but fuel as well. A DMS will track the conditions in traffic and recalculate routes so your drivers will waste less fuel and won’t get stuck in traffic.

Better Communication

Customers nowadays expect same-hour deliveries and instant notifications and alerts. In order to keep up with their expectations and to stay competitive in the industry, you need a DMS that will reduce the waiting time and cost. Also, you will increase customer loyalty since customers appreciate the extra effort companies put in to improve communication.

Automate delivery process with Pickpack’s auto dispatch and AI features. Easily dispatch based on ETAs, driver availability, and customer preferences. Use AI to analyze shipment data for efficiency improvements

Auto dispatch and AI are the future of last mile delivery. Pickpack’s auto dispatch and AI features can help you to automate your delivery process, so you can focus on more important tasks.


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