Why is Restaurant Delivery Management Software Important?

These days technology has seeped into all businesses. If you wish to climb up the ladder of success, efficient management is required. This has propelled the need for management software. For restaurants also, people go in for restaurant delivery management software to organize the delivery of orders. It is a very good productivity tool and will lead to the smart daily management of your orders. No business can thrive if things are not done in an orderly manner. And for that delivery management software is a must.

Mentioned below are some reasons why restaurant delivery management software is needed:

    • Seamless Delivery of Orders- If your restaurant has to handle both in a restaurant and home delivery orders, it can lead to a lot of confusion. Orders can get late and this can mar the reputation of your restaurant hugely. With efficient restaurant delivery software, you can easily streamline all operations and infuse tremendous efficacy into the system.
    • Minimizes Wastage of time- In the restaurant business time is extremely important. You can ask your customers to keep waiting for a long time otherwise they will not come back to you and eventually you will lose business. With the perfect software, no time is wasted on any kind of manual work. The routes are identified automatically and the drivers are assigned so that no problem or inconvenience crops up.
    • Helps to Save Money- The right software will also help you to save money. All the deliveries and driver schedules are at your fingertip. As GPS trackers are put in each delivery partner, you can be sure that no time or money is wasted in useless pursuits. The Live tracking of orders can be done and this will tell the customer the precise time of order delivery.
    • Real-Time alerts- With restaurant delivery apps, the customers can be sent real-time alerts. This is a very interesting feature and will make your client go fonder of you. Technology offers multiple benefits and it is important we take full use of them. We have to create a special place in the business. Only then will the customers prefer to choose us over the competitors. So, this amazing feature of sending real-time alerts will definitely bolster your position in the business.
    • Monitoring of Activities- You will not want things to go awry when you run a business. Delivery software is also used to keep a tab on things. You know no foul or malpractices are being carried out. Sometimes it has been seen that employees resort to the wrong means as their activities cannot be remotely monitored. But with delivery software, you know exactly what is happening and nothing can be evaded using the wrong means.
    • Catering to A Wider Audience- Every business wants to grow and the way to grow is by embracing new tools and technologies. If you want a huge base of customers it is vital to have a delivery app so that you reach out to them without any hassle or confusion.

So, these are some of the benefits of using restaurant delivery management software.

Delivery apps are the best way to handle even the most complex deliveries.  They even integrate SMS communication between the restaurant and the client. You can use apps to take the feedback of the customers. For the best delivery app software get in touch with PickPack. They offer the best solutions at the most competitive rates. Ask them for a demo of the software before your purchase. They also provide a free quote for all their services and products.

Delivery Logistics Management

Delivery Management Platform: Do more in the last mile

When customer demand for next-day or same-day deliveries increases, maximizing the efficiency of last-mile delivery software operations has to be a high priority among retailers. In today's digital age, customer expectations for online delivery are growing rapidly - real-time tracking, free delivery, and same-day delivery. The consequences? Growing service requirements, increased costs, and a broader supply chain complexity. In order to address these challenges, retailers need to develop a delivery management platform that can automate the entire process, from route optimization to driver management, and delivering real-time information to customers. Third-party logistics providers are vital entities in launching and meeting new delivery models for retailers. With effective on demand delivery management software, online retailers can streamline last-mile logistics.

As online shopping continues to grow, here are some tips on how to improve your delivery management system to scale your delivery operations.

Characteristics of a Robust Delivery Management Software

Before you choose any delivery management platform, you should address the following points to make an informed decision:

  • Does your business have a seamless returns flow?
  • Does the route optimization compliments your delivery business – distribution, rounds, next day, on-demand, etc
  • Can it help drivers perform tasks more efficiently?
  • Does the delivery management offer intelligent auto dispatch functionality?

You can customize the dispatch software based on your requirements. Automating processes can increase efficiency and productivity for both the logistics provider as well as the online retailer.

How to Manage Vehicles and Drivers in the Most Cost-Effective Way?

To deliver strategically and abundantly, you should make the best use of third-party logistics providers, including drivers and vehicles. Here is what you need to know:

Driver Planning and Scheduling

To do more in the last mile, you need to establish automated driver scheduling and planning, along with quality dispatch software. It will allow you to plan, schedule, and dispatch orders based on your business model and the individual driver skills. Fleet management applications allow you to intelligently choose drivers based on delivery requirements. For example, there are some drivers who are restricted to a particular number of miles in a day. You can choose drivers based on their schedule for the day, their skills, routes, and how many orders they have to deliver.

Staging and Loading

To achieve complete last-mile delivery system success, you should determine the efficiency of the warehouse. That is, you can determine the efficiency even before loading the goods into the delivery trucks. The staging and loading phase is quintessential. Syncing your staging, loading, and delivery processes can speed up last-mile deliveries.

Route Optimization


Online sellers need to create a system that can streamline the entire process while establishing efficient routes. It is up to the sellers whether they want to create delivery routes in advance or on-demand. If you choose to go with real-time route optimization, you can adjust the routes based on weather, traffic conditions, unexpected demands, and also monitor the location of deliveries. Optimized and automated rules enable last-minute deliveries to be easily scheduled and assigned to ideal drivers within the given location, vehicle capacity and type, and more. An optimized route reduces delivery delays, ensures that delivery ETAs are met or any other disruptions, and maximizes resources.


Delivery demand is changing every day. In the digital world, where competition has become a lot tougher, relying on third parties or manual processes for managing deliveries can be restricted in terms of flexibility, agility, and control. Using the right delivery management technology solution can help online sellers create a robust team of drivers who can take care of the delivery needs. This allows you to adapt and manage your time and resources efficiently. As a result, you can tackle unexpected demands, improve responsiveness to real-time constraints, and enhance the overall delivery experience.

With the ongoing pandemic, online delivery has become prominent. But retailers need to have robust technology in place to be agile and responsive. With the right delivery management solution, you can improve your overall delivery services.