Auto Dispatch & Matching

Automatically assigns a task to the most appropriate courier using advanced algorithms.

Routing & Optimization

Elastic infrastructure

Unique architecture that make PickPack platform fully distributed and support high-scale computing.

Timeline view

Predicts the future and puts out fires before they start by using timeline.

Tracking & Monitor

Accurate ETA, real-time tracking of the drivers and deliveries/tasks, alerts and enhanced dispatcher/driver communication.

Analytics & Bigdata

Measure your success with analytical tools and reports in real-time and on a daily basis.

Fully Embeddable API

A RESTful web service for developers and integrations to programmatically interact

Autonomous vehicle Integration

Advanced technological platform for integration into autonomous delivery vehicles (ADVs)

How it works

Pickpack provides Powerful real-time optimization algorithm for delivery routes which increase the efficiency of your orders and ensure orders and drivers are matched accurately. Our algorithm takes into account deliveries with pickups and drops for local delivery services, one pickup and multiple drops for logistic companies and retailers, time windows, vehicle capacities, on demand deliveries, priority stops, traffic, driver speeds, driver shift times, driver breaks, driver service time and more.

“So simple, So smart”

Route Optimization

Real-time optimization of driver tasks and routes to save business time, fuel and vehicle costs

Detail task information

Full info for the driver. Orders and navigation details always at hand.

ETA, Distance and Status update

The driver’s ETA is constantly monitored and status is provided to both the dispatcher and customer.


Easy communications with the dispatcher and customers.

Proof of delivery

Capture a photo, scan a barcode, notes and have the customer sign on your driver app to prove delivery.


On-click help to aid in navigating to the collection/delivery points.

“Increase Customer Loyalty”

Order tracking

Real-time tracking of both order and driver. Short and accurate time windows.

Real time eta and distance

Courier tracking on map and arrival times constantly shown.

Courier details

Full details for your courier and enhanced Communication with courier.

Automatic status updates

Custom SMS/email messaging when delivery has started, when it should be expected, and when it’s arriving.

Fully Customized

Create a branded delivery ‘Experiences for Your Customers’.

Proof of delivery

Capture a photo, delivery notes and have the customer sign on your driver app to prove delivery