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Pickpack Tutorial
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    Go to Polygons screen from the menu.

    To start creating a polygon you have to draw it on the map. press on the “Draw a shape” button in the toolbar at the top of the map, and start to draw the shape in order to bound the area of the polygon. Drawing on a map is easy – just click-drag and click to create the lines, until you create the whole boundary of the polygon area.

    When you finish drawing the polygon, click on the Save button in the left section of the screen, and a new empty record of your polygon is created. Now, complete the following details: Regionproperty (name of the polygon), select the station, and the description of the polygon, and click on the update button.

    To change the shape of an existing polygon you have to click on the “Stop to draw” button in the toolbar at the top of the map, and click-and-drag one of the shape edges to the place you prefer.

    You can edit any existing polygon details or even delete it anytime

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