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    Create a new project by clicking on the “New” button in the top left corner of the screen, and then click on “New Project”. Complete the following three steps:

    1. Name – Write the project name and select the project date (this is a daily project) from the date picker. The warehouse address is completed by default with the address defined in the station settings, but you can change it by your preference. Remember, the project warehouse address can be overridden by the pickup address that you include in the imported project file.
    2. Settings – project settings like courier work hours, delivery service time, job capacity, vehicle capacity. By default, those settings are coming from the station settings. Those settings can be overridden if they exist in the imported project file. In addition, if you check the “fix dates” option, the pickup and delivery dates will be overridden by the project date you selected in the previous step (the time remains as defined in the imported project file).
    3. Stops – First, You can download a file for example, and use it to fill in all the data. This file needs to include all the tasks and settings (pickup and delivery) that you want to import to this project. Import the project file by clicking on “upload from excel” and browse the file you want to upload. When the upload process is completed you will be notified of how many tasks uploaded and an option to continue directly to the Map View screen.

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